Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Horus Heresy: Unboxing Abaddon and Loken

The newest set of Horus Heresy characters in all their unassembled glory!
Having only been released to the world last Friday, you can imagine my surprise and excitement to have returned home to find that Abaddon and Loken had arrived from Forge World! I have been anxiously looking forward to taking a closer look at the models, and thought that others might be interested in seeing some pictures of the different components of the set.

Opening up the tiny black Horus Heresy box was one of mixed emotions, on one hand I was thrilled to finally have the model in my possession, on the other I was worried that the whole set would be noticeably miscast (a constant worry with Forge World and any other resin model). If any of you have worked with Forge World models in the past you will know that the casting quality from model to model can vary tremendously. I have had some pretty bad experiences myself, with models that look like their molds shifted during the casting process. In recent years, however, they have gotten significantly better about responding to casting issues, and are pretty good about sending out replacement parts.  They are a little hit and miss about responding to emails,  but are very easy to reach by calling them (I used Google Voice to call for a couple cents per minute). Fortunately, the overall casting of the models I received was quite good, with some minor imperfections here and there, but nothing too unsettling.

The detail on both Loken and Abaddon is pretty astounding, something they promised but never quite delivered with GW’s finecast resin.
Abaddon’s Cataphractii terminator armour is suitably impressive (the leather straps hanging from his waist look worlds better than on the stock Cataphractii.
Abaddon's broad sword is incredibly warped, although it should be able to be straightened after running it under hot water.
To my surprise, they actually provided a second left arm with the kit, allowing for you to arm Abaddon with his combibolter (is that an underslung grenade launcher I see?!).
His powerfist is very reminiscent to the Talon of Horus that Abaddon latter acquires.
The worst miscast in the kit was this slight mold shift.
Even though he is only wearing power armour, it has never looked so broad and imposing as it does here.
Loken’s pistol is the first Tigrus pattern bolt pistol I have seen in person, and I am quite impressed, the straight magazine looks great (reminiscent of an FN FAL magazine...)  

Loken’s Paragon blade looks suitably brutal and will likely find its way into many people's conversions as the months go by.
Both of their standard bases are awash with crushed masonry, rockcrete, and the occasional skeleton.
The scenic display base was cast very well, allowing the two plastic bases to easily slot in their respective places.
Now that I have the models in hand, I have a lot of work ahead of me getting them assembled and battle ready. At this point I am still not sure if I want to assemble the model as is, or use the two in conversions. I have been tempted to start a pre-Heresy Ultramarine army for awhile now, all on Dragon Forge Tech-Deck bases like the one I used for my Contemptor Dreadnought. Loken might make a good starting point for an Ultramarine Commander. Only time will tell what the future holds...

Any comments or questions are welcome.

- Harlon Nayl


  1. Seeing you open all this makes me wish mine had arrived today! Le sigh. I have a similar conundrum as you. I really want to convert Abaddon to represent the modern one (I figured it'd be fairly simple, as he's pretty chaos-y as is), but I absolutely love the diorama aspect of it. I also kind of want to do the three stages of Loken (Luna Wolf, Son of Horus, Grey Knight), but that wouldn't require a conversion of this model. What are you leaning towards?

    1. Creating a model for the different stages of Loken's service to the Imperium would be pretty neat. Currently I think I am leaning more towards assembling the two models as they are (and maybe getting another in the future for conversions... ha ha). I have kind of been telling myself that I will get all of the Horus Heresy models Simon Egan makes simply for my collection. Most of his models are so nice I feel a little bad cutting them all up...