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Under the Dice Fest: Day 2

Under the Dice Fest Day 2.

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend Under the Dice Fest 2024 at the end of January. The first day was focused around the New England Mordheim Open event, which we covered in an earlier post. The second day was primarily focused around open gaming, though there were a few small events taking place: a Marvel Crisis Protocol tournament, a Magic: The Gather Commander Tournament, and the Flames of Orion World Championship. We also had the opportunity to set up some boards to play games set on Vastarian!

The day started with Matt (totally_not_panicking) helping us repair a few of the Vastarian board tiles that he built and brought on an airplane to the event!

In between interviewing people for Dragged into Turbolasers, Greg resurrects Dark Spirit for the Flames of Orion tournament.

We talked with Martin McCoy ( about his art and our Vastarian open invitational!

Day 2 included the King of the Kitbash event!

There was a table piled high with plastic sprues to look through and use to create a kitbash for the event.

Dylan used some of his lighting equipment to help take photos of the amazing boards at the event.

Favored Terrain’s board was amazing, winning first place in the board contest at NEMO 2024!

When Matt’s Vastarian tiles were repaired they were quickly used in a Vastarian game played with a simplified version of the Necromunda ruleset.

Matt’s warband, the Chisel of Oblivion, ran into the Church of the Red Athenæum and bloodshed unfolded.

A newly awakened psyker of the Chisel of Oblivion finds a vaguely humanoid relic within the desiccated ruins of Vastarian.

The Church of the Red Athenæum carefully sweeps through the rusting detritus of a forgotten civilization of Vastarian’s past.

Kirill Blokhin sinks his keening axe into the robed figure of one the cultists of the Chisel of Oblivion.

Annelise (knottedsword) and Christi (cambion) were tattooing at the event all weekend!

We had the opportunity to interview Eric from Eric's Hobby Workshop for Dragged into Turbolasers!

With his list prepared, Dark Spirit was ready to stride to war once again in a game of Flames of Orion.

Dark Spirit searches the muddy wasteland for a rumored artifact.

Dark Spirit makes it off the battlefield with the priceless alien relic, securing Greg a place in the final round of the Flames of Orion tournament.

Hive Scum set up their recording equipment and interviewed people for their podcast!

Greg plays another game of Flames of Orion, waiting for the championship game.

The championship game of Flames of Orion was played on Matt’s Vastarian board. As with the first game, the goal was to retrieve a relic and get it off the table.

Dark Spirit stalks through the desolate landscape, sensor arrays scanning for other mechs.

Wittle Goblin’s mech was first to locate the relic, retrieving it with haste and trying to stay out of Dark Spirit’s firing arcs.

The opponents were not able to bring their weapon batteries to bear on the agile mech, and it stomps off the board to victory.

Wittle Goblin, the new world champion of Flames of Orion.

King of the Kitbash 1st: Tyler (tylerisalrightatpaintinng)

King of the Kitbash 2nd: Paul (dogpiles)

King of the Kitbash 3rd: Blerz (Blerzcraft)

It was wonderful to meet Sam, who traveled from the UK to be at Under the Dice Fest!

Hive Scum (and Evan!) X Between the Bolter and Me. Top left to right: Eric, Phil, Adam, Evan, Steve. Bottom left to right: Gage and Greg.

Under the Dice Fest was an amazing weekend, and one that ended all too quickly. We cannot wait until next year, but until that time, we have Adepticon to plan for…

- Eric Wier

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