Sunday, February 4, 2024

Dragged into Turbolasers 107: Under the Dice Fest 2024, Part 1

Under the Dice Fest 2024!

In part one of a special two part episode, we interview people who attended Under the Dice Fest 2024, a small festival in Massachusetts celebrating miniature-based tabletop wargaming. The festival was designed to appeal to those who shy away from the mainstream iterations of the miniature wargaming hobby, focusing on those who want play the games on their own terms, sometimes outside of the scope of the game rules as written, or those who want to play old games which are no longer supported by their publishers. It is highlighting those who are more concerned with telling a story with the miniatures they build than with creating something that would be optimal in terms of a game’s rule system. A punk rock approach to the miniature wargaming hobby, if you will. Below are time stamps of where you can listen to each interview!

01:16 - Introduction: Greg Wier (denimdayjob) and Eric Wier

05.07 - Greg and Eric Wier chat with Alex (av.hobbies) and Jonathan from Legends of the Tabletop about RPGs

21:26 - Greg and Eric Wier chat with Terry (stone.jaw) and Phil (bloodtrancefusion)

47:02 - Greg Wier, Shane (Sombre Arcane), Steve (sovthofheaven), and Scott (scotomancer) talk about dungeon synth

1:04:24 - Greg and Eric Wier talk with Steve (sovthofheaven) and Paul (wyrdstoned) about the events of day one at Under the Dice Fest

Listen to the episode:

- Eric Wier


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was great getting the chance to chat with so many cool people!

  2. Some great interviews there. A bunch of really impressive events going on recently & I appreciate the chance to spectate via these podcasts.