Thursday, November 16, 2023

Vastarian: Logo update!

Recently we began an open invitational encouraging people to create Imperial Cults that are at war with each other on the cathedral world of Vastarian. We have now shown two of the cults that the planet harbors, the Church of the Red Athenæum and a faction of Spyreheads. We also talked more about how the setting came about on our podcast, Dragged into Turbolasers. Although Adam already designed a basic logo for the event, featuring a lighthouse that has been used as a watermark in most of the Vastarian images, we wanted to also have a text-based logo. When considering this, we quickly thought of the incredibly talented graphic designer and miniature artist Weirding Way. We reached out to him about the project and he agreed to help us! Fitting to the INQ28 theme, he created the logo using a typographic kitbash, scanning letters from a book on early book printing type, with the V being an A modified from an 18 century Norwegian title page!

A curious relic hiding within the depths of Vastarian (sculpted by Gardens of Hecate, for purchase at Ramshackle Games).

A navigator entombed within the Breath of Organthus, a gothic class cruiser docked in a forgotten port (Created by Witchhammerstudios).

A cell of Spyreheads conspire with a shadowy informant (informant created by Lead.plague, Spyreheads built and pointed by Gardens of Hecate).

Cultists of the Church of the Red Athenæum advance though the underhive of Vastarian (terrain/board created by Bill Ford).

A patrol of Adeptus Arbites patrol the underhive trying to quell violence with extreme prejudice (relic tank created by totally not panicking).

- Eric Wier


  1. Very cool. I love typography and hearing how people come up with cool script and fonts. Very nice. It all looks excellent.

    1. Agreed! The process is really cool, particularly from someone so skilled at it!

  2. I love the creativity of this setting and a o many great contributors here. The new logos look sick.

    1. Thank you! It is an awesome logo and it has been great collaborating with some of our favorite artist for Vastarian!