Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Unforgiven: Oldhammer Dark Angel

A Dark Angel amongst a decaying city scape (created by Totally Not Panicking).

I am continuing my quest to paint Dark Angels, and after talking with Koltti on our podcast I decided it would be fun to paint another Rogue Trader era model. It also marks a year since painting my first Oldhammer Space Marine for last year’s Olden Demon. Space Marine models from the 80’s are quite fun to paint, due to how simple the one-piece models are. Furthermore, it is amazing how inconsistent the old Space Marine models are, from different sized hands, feet, and even different helmet designs. I am really happy with how the model turned out, and hope to paint a few more to go alongside them.

The Space Marine has an interesting firearm, looking more like a short barreled M16 than a bolter.

Like my other Dark Angels, I painted the Space Marine's armor via dry-brushing/stippling, using Caliban Green and Game Color Glacier Blue.

The back of the model does not have many details. There are not even the rubberized armor joints that are standard on most Space Marines.

An apothecary model from the 80s alongside the new Dark Angel from the same era.

From left to right: an apothecary, the new RT era Space Marine, and one of the newer MKVI Space Marines.

A Dark Angel confronted by a blood fiend and a skull familiar.

- Eric Wier


  1. The model is surprisingly decent for a RT Space Marine -- given the range's tendency towards all kinds of wonky anatomy ;-) There's a strength & restraint in the pose that really sells the model, even from a modern standpoint. I also really like the paintjob, although I would argue your paint scheme would be a great starting point for a Sons of Horus army as well. I'm especially fond of the comparison shot with all three models -- excellent work all around!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think this is one of the best looking marines of that era. Yeah I think you were right about the Sons of Horus too.