Sunday, February 5, 2023

Dragged into Turbolasers 99: Chatting with Oldhammer legend Koltti.

In this episode we are joined by Koltti, who has spent the last few years showing the world how miniatures from the 80’s can look as good as modern ones. We chat about how he found the Inq28 blog Spiky Rat Pack and first met John Blanche. We also talk about how he joined the Inq28 collective Iron Sleet and was involved in some of their many projects like the Pilgrym and the Thorn Moons Crusade. We also touch on his painting style and how he found his way back to painting Oldhammer miniatures.

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Amazing intro to the 1993 Space Hulk PC game.

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- Eric Wier


  1. Great episode - Koltti is one of my favourite painters, especially since he has started to focus on oldhammer and Space Hulk both of which are up my alley. I certainly agree with his ethos that the purpose of painting is to get models into action!
    I didn't realise he had a patreon but I am wary about subscribing to anything else these days... I'll consider that though.

  2. I also should say I had very good memories of the Spiky Rat Pack blog - and in particular the Punk Moth project was very inspiring!

  3. Great Trailer xD. Love your blog. Keep doing that great hobby stuff. So inspiring.