Monday, April 24, 2023

Oldhammer: Rogue Trader Space Marines

A trio of Rogue Trader era Space Marines!

Earlier this year we interviewed Koltti on our podcast, where we talked at length about his various Oldhammer projects. Towards the end, he proposed a challenge where we all found a Rogue Trader era Space Marine and painted it. We are always looking for an excuse to get and paint new Oldhammer models, so we jumped at the opportunity to get some Space Marine models from the 80s. After scouring eBay, we were able to find three characterful Space Marines from the late 80’s, including one with a shuriken catapult! Although the models were in good condition, they took quite a bit of effort to prepare for painting. This required the careful removal of moldlines and sanding, as well as some sculpting work to fill in gaps and make elements of the armor more symmetrical. Now that the models are built we can consider painting them!

This Rogue Trader Space Marine has a bionic leg and arm, as well as a very unconventional looking sword.

All three of the Rogue Trader Space Marines have plastic backpacks.

This comms marine is one of the more interesting Space Marines we have ever seen, with their bulbous head and keypad on their wrist.

The Bolter on the model did not have a trigger, so I added one, as well as improved the pistol grip.

Rogue Trader was quite a weird point in the 40k setting. Space Marines with shuriken catapults!

One of the Space Marine’s feet was substantially smaller than the other, so I used modeling putty to enlarge it.

An old plastic Space Marine Scout, from Tyranid Attack, next to a Rogue Trader Space Marine.

The Rogue Trader Space Marine next to a Forge World MKIII Space Marine.

- Adam Wier


  1. great stuff - nice work and looking forward to seeing these painted!

  2. Marines were so tiny then... sometimes even smaller than Guardsmen.

    I have that Shricat guy, and my cast also had a small foot. His beak is also petty melted, which gives him sort of a sad look.

    1. Yeah, it is crazy! Glad to hear you had a similar experience with the one. I thought there was a chance the face was miscast, but based on how the models are, I decided it was probably just how it was sculpted.

  3. I have a handful of Rogue Trader marines just gathering dust; would you mind it awfully if I were to join you too in this, because I've always wanted to paint a Rainbow Warrior for international Pride Day/Month! 🥹

    1. That would be awesome! We would love it if you joined!