Thursday, August 18, 2022

Tutorial: Space Marine Holster

And they shall know no fear.

We were pretty excited about Games Workshop's first “regular” Space Marine release in years with the MKVI Space Marines for Horus Heresy. So much so that we created a tutorial for giving them a smaller, more functional looking boltgun. When building one of the Space Marines, we were dismayed by their gigantic bolt pistol holsters. Out of the box they are so large that they hardly fit on the models themselves. We decided to convert one by cutting it down, and figured it was worth writing a short tutorial on how you can do the same!

Using a razor saw, cut off the side and a small portion of the lower holster. Afterwards, shave away any of the details that were damaged or are unwanted.

At this point the holster is largely complete, but using some modeling putty to fix any damaged areas or to add details can really make the result look finished.

The holster directly from the MKVI box (left). The modified holster (right).

- Adam Wier


  1. Good stuff! I like anything that lets me put more stuff on the waists of my poor, overloaded Alpha Legionnaires...

  2. Huge improvement! I did not realize how big the original was.

    1. I was pretty surprised how large the holsters actually were. Thankfully fixing them is pretty easy. :)