Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Space Marine with Plasma rifle

Darby "Gladiator" Lorensia with a human-scaled plasma rifle next to a Space Marine with one scaled to them.

Last year I created a few tutorials for converting smaller scaled weapons, including a Space Marine-scaled plasma rifle. Despite being really happy with the result, I never actually built a Space Marine to wield the firearm. Eric recently painted a Kill Team of Dark Angels without any special weapons, so the plasma rifle would make a great addition to the warband. With this in mind, I quickly modified a Primaris Intercessor to look like a traditional Space Marine, to fit with the rest of the Kill Team!

The smaller scale of the plasma rifle improves the composition of the model, allowing the focus to be on the warrior's helmet.

The plasma rifle was converted from a Necromunda Delaque flechette pistol.

The converted plasma rifle next to a plasma cannon.

I am really happy to have finally used the converted plasma rifle from last year. I think the model will fit nicely with the other Dark Angels. I recently purchased some of the newer Black Templar models, specifically the Sword Brethren and the Blanche-inspired Castellan. In the new year, I am excited to convert some of the models into a few more Dark Angels, so watch this space for that!

- Adam Wier


  1. The scale on this looks great, but what would you do for a plasma pistol?

  2. Excellent - always good to see a beaky marine especially one as nice as this.

  3. I love how the smaller gun looks. Can't wait to see what you do with those BT models!