Sunday, September 27, 2020

Tutorial: Converting a Space Marine Plasma gun.

A converted plasma rifle, for a true-scale Space Marine.

Recently, I made a tutorial showing how I converted a smaller bolter for a Sister of Battle model, having not been satisfied by the scale of the newer official models. This was a fun process, and I decided it might be beneficial to create more firearm tutorials, so readers could more easily venture into the world of making better-scaled weapons for Warhammer 40k. Having finished converting two Iron Snake Space Marines, it seemed natural to try to convert a Space Marine special weapon, and decided to try to convert the iconic plasma gun/rifle.

Parts list:

  • Delaque flechette pistol

  • Delaque plasma gun

  • Antenna from a Skitarii Ruststalker backpack

  • Brass tubing (0.6mm)

Using a razor saw, cut off the barrel and magazine of a Necromunda Delaque flechette pistol. Use the outer casing at the rear end of the bolter as a guide to start the cut.

Again, using a razor saw, cut an inset along the top of the weapon, going up almost to where the stock begins. Also, saw off the canister on the side of the weapon.

To get the front of the plasma rifle we are building, as well as the iconic plasma “coil,” make two cuts with a razor saw on a Necromunda Delaque plasma gun. 

Fit the plasma “coil” cut from the Delaque plasma gun in step 3 onto the cut down flechette pistol from step 2.

Attach the front of the Delaque plasma rifle, cut in step 3, onto the new rifle. Using modeling putty, like Milliput, to fill in any gaps, as well as building up the butt of the rifle stock. You can also drill out the barrel of the weapon and inset a piece of brass tubing, to add additional detail.

Remove an antenna from a Skitarii Ruststalker backpack and attach it to the bottom of the rifle. Cut the majority of this off with a razor saw, to create the iconic plasma power “cell” often seen at the bottom of the weapons.

Using small pieces of plastic, fashion front and rear sights for the weapon, using modeling putty to add any smaller details.

The converted plasma rifle below a standard Space Marine plasma rifle and a plasma pistol. I added a small cable, using modeling putty, and drilled three small holes along the side of the weapon, to make it look even more like the GW weapon designs.

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and helpful! Let me know if you have any questions about the process. I hope to continue to make tutorials, like this one, as I build a Iron Snake kill team. What should I try to convert next?

- Adam Wier


  1. Looks great! I appreciate that you took the extra steps, and did not just put a stock on a plasma pistol.

  2. Great work. I really would like to see a realistic heavy bolter...if you can figure out a way to do it!