Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Oldhammer: Commissar Molotov

The scale of models has changed a lot over the years!

Over the years, our blog has put a lot of focus on INQ28, from the Pilgrym to working on Zone Secundus. Its focus on creating characters and telling stories stands apart from the vapid battles that typify Warhammer 40,000. The INQ28 scene has been built and fostered by so many people since the release of Inquisitor some 20 years ago, but Commissar Molotov played a critical role in getting the idea to take root, with his forum presence and INQvitationals. He continues to be a huge proponent for INQ28, and in 2018 he started the #INQ28th initiative, where hobbyists share INQ28 models they are building on Instagram, using the aforementioned hashtag. Inquisitor_sharpe realized that on April 28th 2021, it would be the 28th month of the initiative, and reached out to us and others to help celebrate Commissar Molotov’s continued contributions to this dark corner of the miniature hobby. To do this, he suggested that people create miniature representations of Commissar Molotov himself. We thought this was a wonderful idea, and decided to paint an old Rogue Trader Imperial Guard/Commissar model in his honor!

Although Rogue Trader models always look a little out of proportion and goofy, they have an inherent charm about them that we love.

When viewed from the side, the awkward proportions of the model really present themselves: huge feet, stubby legs, and giant hands.

- Adam Wier


  1. What a great tribute!

    And for all the wonkyness of the old figures, they do have some charm. (and let us not forget the variety available in those days too... every character type had several figures, unlike now where aside from Primaris lieutenants we are lucky to have one available)

    1. Yeah, the older range of models certainly had much more variety than the newer stuff. You could find all sorts of weird adventurer models carrying Eldar weaponry and other cool stuff. :)

  2. Brilliant - a great paint job on a classic figure! Excellent.