Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 83: Chatting with Pierre Mortel about digital art, Sadboy, and Neverchosen

In this episode we talk with Pierre Mortel about his artwork and how he has combined his love for comics and Games Workshop’s settings. We delve into his origins as an artist, and how he has turned his passion into a career. We discuss how he channeled his own emotions into creating his iconic Sadboy character and how he plans to continue to develop Sad City. We move on to talk about his comics in Games Workshop’s settings, leading to his creation of Neverchosen, with the affable and fun Blight Kings, Grotus and Molch. Additionally, he touches on how he renders Games Workshop designs down to readable shapes. Finally, we chat about some of his influences and current miniatures projects.

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- Eric Wier

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  1. This was a great chat - really interesting to hear all of this - I was not overly familiar with Pierre's work so it was good to chase some of it down after listening to this episode. I have to admit I have never really read the comic he does for Warhammer Community, but after listening to this I did gain some appreciation for it even if it's unlikely I will become a regular reader. Great stuff.