Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 78: Chatting with Witchhammer Studio about converting and Inq28

Witchammer Studio!

In this episode we have the privilege of talking with Jonny Lashley, a fantastic tattoo artist who creates some of the most stunning and dark Warhammer miniatures under the name Witchhammer Studio. We talk with him at length about his creation process, and how his experience as a tattoo artist has influenced it. We discuss a wide array of different inspirations that he taps into when creating and painting models. Despite not playing Games Workshop games extensively and being more focused on the hobby elements, we talk about how his involvement in various Inq28 events at Adepticon has spurred him into new creative ventures, like building gaming boards for the postponed Relicta Stellas event. We also get to hear his thoughts about the importance of making strong and impactful bases for the models he creates. Finally, we discuss some of his favorite hobby tools, particularly a Dremel rotary tool, and some of the types of paints he enjoys working with.

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- Eric Wier

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  1. Great episode, as usual. I am very interested to try out the wand for my dremel and have ordered one since listening!