Thursday, October 29, 2020

Blitz Bowl: Chaos Blocker

Violence made manifest.

We continue to be excited about Blood Bowl’s streamlined counterpart, Blitz Bowl. After Eric finishing painting a Halfling model, I decided to try my hand at painting a model from the Chaos team. I wanted a simple paint scheme, based around the Cleveland Browns. Fortunately, the process was rather quick!

Aside from the bright orange helmet, nearly everything else on the model was painted using a range of browns or greys. The brown armor plating was painted using Pro Acryl Black Brown, after which I applied a series of glazes of black paint and ink. Some of the applications were done using stippling to create a subtle texture. His black pants and boots were highlighted using Scalecolor Brown Gray and Rainy Gray, followed by successive glazes of black to dampen the grey. The model’s skin was painted using Citadel Catachan flesh, followed by a light wash of Nuln Oil. The shadows were darkened using a heavily thinned black paint. A few subtle highlights were applied using a mix of Catachan flesh mixed with increasing amounts of Vallejo Ice Yellow. The orange helmet was painted using Pro Acryl Burnt Orange, and highlighted by stippling on Citadel Trollslayer Orange followed by Fire Dragon Bright.   

The overall scheme is composed mainly of dark browns with a spot color of orange for the helmet. 

The grass on this base was done using GamersGrass 2mm tufts, that were airbrushed to make them a little darker.

The blood on the Blocker’s punch spike was painted using Tamiya clear red, an alcohol-based acrylic paint.

The Chaos Blocker next to the ancient Slambo model.

I am still deciding if I want to paint some additional details on his shoulder pads. I decided against painting a team symbol on them, to parallel the Cleveland Brown, but could still paint his team number on one or something else. Regardless of this, I am happy with the model, and had a lot of fun painting it. So much so that I already started to paint the second Blocker on the team! Any comments or questions would be appreciated!

- Adam Wier


  1. This is such a great colour scheme. I actually think the unadorned shoulders and helmet look really cool and sinister

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I thought the same thing about the unadorned shoulder pads. They have a very utilitarian no nonsense look to them without other iconography.

  2. Very nice, and the lack of icons/symbols/numbers adds to the image of a Chaos warrior, in my opinion as opposed to being a black coloured sports uniform.