Friday, November 22, 2019

On Firearms: Shooting Handguns, a book

A book that I wrote was just published!

Those of you following Between the Bolter and Me for awhile know that we take firearms pretty seriously. We spend a lot of time redesigning Games Workshop’s firearms into devices that look like they could be functional. The three of us grew up shooting handguns and rifles, which is part of the reason we want to realistically represent firearms on the models we create. Recently, Schiffer Publishing released a book that I wrote with my father about shooting handguns! It is called Shooting Handguns: An Introductory Guide to Shooting Safely and Effectively.

The book is 128 pages long and in soft cover.

I wrote the book to serve as a beginners guide, focusing on the fundamentals needed to operate a handgun successfully and safely. And while it is intended for beginners, the book is filled with helpful information, such that even an experienced shooter will learn something. The book is filled with diagrams and photographs to help make all of the points more clear. In addition to containing information for effectively handling a firearm, it also contains a lot of information about the general features of a firearm and how they function, along with information about the components of ammunition and how it is named.

The book is filled with informative diagrams and photographs.

Ultimately, I am really happy with how the book turned out. It is succinct and clear, with many images to illustrate every major point. Although the book is not technically about the miniature wargaming hobby, it could serve as a helpful reference for anyone interested in creating more believable firearms for their models. If you are interested, you can get a copy of the book directly from the publisher or on Amazon!

- Greg Wier


  1. Congrats Greg! I'm actually tempted to buy this. I'm not planning on owning a handgun, but it would be useful to know how to use one in case I ever find myself in a situation when I have to.

    1. Thanks, Ana! As you say, it is worthwhile to be knowledgeable about firearms, even if you don't think you will ever own one. The world is a frightening place, and you never know when that knowledge could be important.

  2. You americans are some strange people :-D