Friday, November 1, 2019

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 64: Spiel 2019 reveals with Modern Synthesist

More Necromunda!

Our friend and talented sculptor Modern Synthesist joins us to discuss the new models Games Workshop revealed at Spiel 2019. Due to the new models primarily being from Specialist Games, we talk about how they tend to be a better source for conversions than most of the models from GW flagship games like Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k. We also discuss the newest Warcry warband, the Spire Tyrants, and how they attempt to capture the classic Chaos marauder imagery. 

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- Eric Wier


  1. I have always wondered by GW hates groins. It has always annoyed me that EVERY figure has to have a loin cloth! I always assumed it was lazy sculpting, particularly the Primaris Aggressors--I think they didn't know how to do the groin so they just covered it up with crap.

    The new zone mortalis terrain looks nice, but it will probably be too expensive for me.

    The new necromunda models would be useful, except for me the scale creep maks them useless. A human model being as big as a Primaris? That's just too big, however you look at it, IMO.

    And whilst that Warcry warband is not great, and the dwarf is awful, for my money I think it's one of the better Warcry warbands so far! Maybe because they're not squatting?! (Sadly, they do all have loincloths though :| )

    1. Yeah, I feel a lot of the loin cloth stuff is just lazy sculpting, that has now morphed into a signature that they feel they cannot stray from.

      The Zone Mortalis terrain is really great looking, but the cost of the boxed game is cost prohibitive, which is a major shame...