Thursday, June 20, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Sister Superior one painted

Sigmar's Fury.

After finishing painting the first sister in my Sisters of Sigmar warband for Mordheim 2019, I quickly jumped into painting the next, this time one of the heroes, a Sister Superior. This sister was converted from one of the original Sisters of Sigmar models from 20 years ago. In homage to the original warband from all those years ago, I decided to paint the model in a scheme that was reminiscent to those models, with cream colored robes accented with red. Despite largely being a single piece metal model, the Sister Superior took much longer to paint than I had expected.

I wanted her flask of holy water to stand out and provide some additional color to the model. It was painted using blues from a Scale75 paint set.

Although most of her shield is taken up by the Comet of Sigmar, I still was able to paint a few sigils.

The sinister Choir member alongside the Sister Superior.

Although quite different in paint schemes, I think the two Sisters complement each other well.

Although the second Sister is now finished, within a week of finishing the first, there can be no rest for the weary. With less than a month until Mordheim 2019, I have no time to spare, and I have already begun the next. Any comments would be appreciated, and be sure to check back soon to see the next painted Sister!

- Adam Wier


  1. That Sister Superior looks amazing!

  2. Great stuff! Your conversions improved the model while keeping the original spirit and the colors used work great :) The face is my favorite here, you did a great job on those wrinkles and eyes - she looks very determined and experienced!

  3. Great work here. The painting of the cream cloth has a very textural quality that really helps to make it seem more real than the usual flat miniature painting. A whole warband painted to this level will be amazing to see.

  4. Fantastic. That really has come out perfectly. Such a sense of age, wisdom, and restrained power. Well done!