Sunday, June 16, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Choir member painted

“It was a promise unasked for and it was a wall of sound, unbroken.”

With Mordheim 2019 rapidly approaching, I have finally begun painting the Sisters of Sigmar warband in earnest. I decided to paint the last model I converted for the warband first, a member of the Choir, who guards the inner sanctum oubliette of the Rock. As something of an outsider in the group of traditional Sisters of Sigmar, she was a good opportunity to try out some things and get accustomed to painting again. Having come up with the concept behind the Choir, Alex Winberg had already come up with a somber looking paint scheme of black leather and white masks (the flavor text from the first image was penned by him too!). I was excited to try my hand at the monochromatic scheme, knowing it would add a sinister element to the warband.

I wanted the focal point of the model to be her mask, so I kept all of the colors muted, aside from her mask and holy icon.

The comet buckles on her coat were picked out with gold to add a little more color to the model without being distracting.

I painted the Choir member's coat with a series of dark grey/browns from Scale 75 (Petroleum Gray; Brown Gray; Graphene Gray; Rainy Gray). I thought these colors did a nice job of mimicking a really dark cloth (without actually using a black paint). All of the whites on the model, mainly her mask and holy symbol, were painted with a series of cream and off-white paints from Scale 75 (Thar brown; Mojave White; White). The metallics were intentionally kept very dark to avoid drawing attention away from the model’s mask.

I made sure the metal was also worn and dull looking, fitting with the dark grey of her coat.

With the first model finished, I am excited to start painting the rest of the warband, keeping the more traditional white and red scheme from the original release of Mordheim 20 years ago. This member of the Choir will provide a nice contrast to the other members of the warband, and provide a visual link to Alex Winberg’s warband. With so little time left before the event, you can expect a few more posts this month showing the other sisters as they are completed! As always, any comments of feedback are welcome!

- Adam Wier


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for the kind words! I feel each time I paint black I try something new. It is a hard color to get right.

  2. Amazing work, I really like how well the white mask and the shiny helmet contrast with the dull, grey coat. I would consider adding the tiniest of extra highlights on the edges of belts and creases, but then, it works very well right now, making the important points more pronounced, so all is good.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will go back and add another highlight or two to the coat. I opted against it initially so I could start working on the other models in the warband. I am rapidly running out of time to finish painting them for the event...

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    mold making and Its really amazing.It looks real and you inspired me to try this.