Saturday, March 23, 2019

28 the magazine is here!

Your day has come denizen... 

Almost a year ago, we announced that we were going to be involved in creating/contributing to a digital magazine focusing on Inq28 and Aos28 called 28. We are incredibly excited to say that the first issue is complete and is available to download for free! It is filled with all manner of excellent articles, covering things from painting to the creative process. It has been great to help make the magazine a reality, but most of the credit has to go to all of the talented contributors, and particularly James Sherriff for all of the graphical design, formatting, and editing. We hope you all enjoy the issue! Now time to start thinking about issue two…

- Greg Wier

1 comment:

  1. This first issue was hit and miss for me, for various reasons. The misses distributed throughout were pretty much what you'd guess I'd notice. The things that really landed for me, though, were the tutorials. It never ceases to amaze me, the innovative ways some model and terrain makers create lush, realistic looking phenomena (like the waterfall!).