Friday, November 30, 2018

Mordheim 2019: Sisters of Sigmar WIP continues

Let pain be your guide.

A few weeks ago I revealed work-in-progress images of the first model in my SIsters of Sigmar warband for the upcoming Mordheim 2019 event. I have continued to work on the first model, doing more greenstuff work, focusing on resculpting her boots. The sculpting work is a slow process, so I also started work on a second sister for the warband. This one is based on the female acolyte model from the Warhammer Underworlds Eyes of the Nine warband. The model has an excellent sense of motion, that I thought would transition well into the warband. The major difficulty of using the acolyte is that she has very little clothing, which does not fit with the Sister of Sigmar aesthetic. As a result, the majority of my initial work has been focused on sculpting clothing on the model. I also replaced her sword with a hammer, more fitting with the Sigmar mentality. The model still needs a huge amount of work done on it, but I wanted to show its current progress to get feedback! Any comments and suggestions are welcome!

One of the acolyte models from Warhammer Underworlds was used because of her excellent sense of motion.

I am using greenstuff to sculpt more extensive clothing on the base model.

The shield is shaped as the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar.

Although based primarily on a Cawdor model, I have almost completely resculpted her tunic to distance the model from the original.

I am in the process of sculpting boots from cut down glade guard feet.

- Adam Wier


  1. Great work, Adam. I really like them both. No suggestions other than keep up the good work. A full warband is going to look amazing.

    1. I am glad you like them! Still a fair amount of work to do on both of them. I think I might be able to make use of some of the Blackstone Fortress models in a conversion or two for the warband...

  2. Your modelling skills become better and better! The creases of the clothes are fantastic!