Sunday, January 5, 2014

Between the Bolter and Me: 2013, a year in review

It is hard to believe that Between the Bolter and Me is already a year old! What started as a means to stay excited about miniature-based wargaming amidst my time in graduate school has blossomed into something bigger.  Instead of just serving as a distraction, it has become a fantastic outlet for my creativity and has encouraged me to become a larger part of the developing community. I am more excited than ever to be in the miniature gaming hobby and to be a part of the community as a whole. Over the year I discovered and have been inspired by a huge list of other hobbyists and their blogs, including Migsula, Jeff Vader, Kari Hernesniemi, Mikko Luoma, KrautScientist, Pijamas Gagarin, and Dave Taylor, to name just a few.

My confidence and skill as a modeller has improved by leaps and bounds, particularly in the area of actually modelling with greenstuff. And while I still have not started painting yet, it is only a matter of time!

With 2014 just getting underway I wanted to take some time and review some of my favorite models that I (and the other members of Between the Bolter and Me) converted in 2013.

Dark Eldar:

Despite buying the units for an entire Dark Eldar force back in 2010, progress building the army has been slow. Thankfully, I found a reasonable amount of time in 2013 to work on the army, resulting in a sizable collection of models assembled from wyches to character models.

Since the release of the Dark Eldar codex, the Trueborn have been a staple in most army lists. Games Workshop never saw fit to release models for the unit, forcing people to convert their own. Initially I had purchased some of the domed helmeted heads from the Reaver jetbikes to use when assembling my Trueborn out of Dark Eldar warriors. Something about that idea did not sit right with me and I pushed off building them. I waited long enough that Games Workshop released a new line of plastic High Elf models. The Shadow Warrior kit sparked my imagination and became the foundation of my Trueborn.

Dark Eldar Trueborn: The High Elf Shadow Warrior cloaks work perfectly!

Traevelliath Sliscus: 
Another staple to many Dark Eldar lists is Duke Sliscus, his undercosted wargear and synergistic abilities making him particularly noteworthy. The release of the new line of Dark Elf plastics, particularly Shadowblade and the Fleetmaster, spurred me on to finally start converting a model for the Duke. While he is still not quite finished, he is one of my favorite conversions that I have done to date.

Dark Eldar Duke Sliscus: Follow the Serpent!
One of the first models that I completed for the Dark Eldar army was also the subject of one of the blog’s first posts.  Always having a certain fondness for the ill proportioned Kruellagh the Vile model from way back in 3rd edition, I figured it would be fun to try to fix some of the more awkward elements of the model with parts from the new Dark Eldar range.

Dark Eldar Archon: Kruellagh's balloon hands and feet are no more!

Space Marines / Chaos Space Marines:

Deathwing Command squad:
Ever since 4th edition, when the Dark Angels were first able to take Command Squads in full terminator armour, I wanted to convert a squad that Belial could lead. Just using normal terminators for the task worked fine, but the thought of making a unit with each model a unique character in their own right really lingered in my mind. I am pleased to say that I was able to complete two members of the squad this year, each created with a wide range of parts that I accumulated over the years.

Deathwing Command squad members: Never forget. Never forgive.

Tzeentch Terminators:
When a friend started to play Chaos Space Marines with the release of the 6th edition of 40k, we decided it was time to try to convert a squad of Chaos Terminators. Never being too thrilled with the Chaos version of the terminator models, this gave me a chance to try to make something more to my liking.

Tzeentch Terminators: Chaos warrior heads fit surprisingly well on terminator torsos!


Guardsman Vell:
Having seen so many fantastic Inq28 models being produced over the year, I decided to try my hand at making a few models in the same vein.  After searching around for suitable bits, I stumbled on an old Gorkamorka Digga Shaman model and knew I could make something unique out of him. With some parts from the excellent Elysian Drop troop models, I created Guardsman Vell.

Inquisitorial guardsman Vell: Ready to smite enemies of the Emperor with his trusty combat shotgun and automatic.

Inquisitor WIP: 
With the first member of the Inquisitorial retinue assembled, I decided that I really needed to convert the Inquisitor. While still very much a work in process, I am pleased with how he is shaping up. I can’t get enough of those Death Korp trenchcoats (it is a shame more 40k models don’t have them…).

Xenos Inquisitor WIP: Sword arm and body armor to come!

Grey Knightz ork Purifier:
After seeing some of my friend’s ork models designed to represent Grey Knights, I decided to try my hand at making a similar model. I opted to convert a Grey Knight Purifier armed with a psycannon. Using some of the images from the old Inquisitor rulebook, I crafted a shoulder-mounted psycannon reminiscent of that used by Inquisitor Covenant.

Grey Knightz Purifier: Ere we go!

Now that 2014 has started, the list of projects I am working on (and hope to work on!) seems to be steadily growing. Chief among them are to convert a few more Deathwing terminators for the command squad that I worked on in 2013. Also, I have to complete the Inquisitor that I started and build a few more members of his retinue. With a little luck 2014 will be even more successful than the year past!

- Adam Wier


  1. Some awesome conversions here. Nice to see them collected in one place.

  2. Agreed - very clever conversions and some top notch greenstuff work. Personal favourites have to be Sliscus and the ork knight.

    If you'll paint every mini like that Lysander conversion there I'd say get painting!!

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I have a lot of neat stuff planned for 2014.

    I really do need to start painting again, it has been far too long.