Sunday, July 21, 2013

INQ28 - Imperial Guardsman WIP

The 1997 Gorkamorka Digga Shaman. A really interesting model.
With the recent rumors that Games Workshop is planning to release a new skirmish game based around Inquisitors, I thought what better time to start work on some Inq28 models. Looking through the random collection of models I have laying around I rediscovered the now ancient Gorkamorka Digga Shaman. What an interesting model! I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that he would serve as a base for a conversion. I am currently still deep in the conversion process, but thought people might want to see my current progress.

After some deliberation, I decided I wanted to try and make the model into a grizzled Imperial Guard veteran. This unfortunately meant I needed to get rid of his cool staff (I carefully snipped it off and it is ready for another conversion). I also decided that he needed some good combat boots to replace his original, massive feet. Finding replacement legs was more difficult than I anticipated, with most of them simply being too big to fit with the rest of the model. Fortunately I found that the random squad of Elysian veterans I purchased years ago (and never assembled...) fit seamlessly with the model. Forge World’s models tend to have a little bit more finesse than the raw bulk of GW plastic models, making it ideal for subtle conversion work.

The Elysian Drop Troop legs fit remarkably well in the place of the Digga’s original ones.
As a guardsmen I decided it would be suitable if he had a large caliber Naval pistol, like the Hecutor 10’s used in the Eisenhorn/Ravenor novels. To make the pistol I acquired one of the Dark Vengeance cultist auto pistols and went to work cutting it apart with the mind of making it look more like a modern automatic pistol. I also felt it was my duty to drill out his trigger finger and remodel it such that it was not on the trigger (it is important to practice proper trigger control!).

The evolution of the guardsman’s Hecutor 10 Naval pistol.
I am still a little unsure what I want to do with his other hand. I have been throwing around the idea that he could be carrying one of the Elysian pump-action shotguns. Like his pistol, the Elysian shotguns look much more at home with modern firearms.

An Elysian pump-action shotgun.
Let me know what you think of the model thus far and if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to voice them.

- Harlon Nayl


  1. Awesome conversion so far, the naval pistol is particularly cool. Looking forward to seeing it come together!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am really happy with how the pistol turned out and want to make a few other similar pistols for other INQ28 models. I also want to try and convert some meltaguns that are about half the size of the current ones (any guardsman would hate lugging around the current ones...).

  3. That's a really great start! Good choice of base model. I'll be interested to see where this goes.

    Are you on the Ammobunker by the way?

    1. Thanks for the interest and support!

      I have been lurking around on the Ammobunker for a while now. I recently created an account on it however and am thinking of starting more actively posting there.

  4. Great I hope to see you post there :)