Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fulgrim the Illuminator: Unboxing

Fulgrim unboxed!
Since his reveal a few months ago, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to get my hands on Simon Egan’s latest Primarch, Fulgrim the Illuminator.  I was very impressed with his first Primarch model, Angron the Red Angel, and wanted to see how his next compared.

Having just received Fulgrim from Forge World, I wanted to take a few pictures and show you all of the parts and do a few quick comparisons to Angron.  Enjoy!

The first thing I noticed was the improved packaging over Angron, by adding the little half-circle cutouts to the side of the box it is substantially easier to open.
The biggest and most impressive piece, the body has a surprising level of detail, that does not appear gaudy or piled on.
The legs may be the most impressive aspect of the entire model, filled with scrollwork, flanked by eagle wings, contrasted with opposing faces, and all held in place with tiny buckles, they are truly something to behold.
His gloved hands are excellent, with the seamlines clearly visible!
Although not as imposing and barbarous as Angron’s cape, Fulgrim’s is still expressive regal and light, billowing around him.
Aside from a few broken leather straps, this bubble in Fulgrim's chin was the worst casting issue I found with the kit.  Not being particularly skilled with green stuff, I called Forge World about the broken pieces and Fulgrim’s unsightly lack of a chin, and they offered to send out replacements.  So if you ever have issues with any of your FW products, I highly encourage you give them a call; they are very friendly and willing to help!
Even without his head, arm and weapons, Fulgrim is imposing, larger and taller than his fellow traitor Angron (sorry for the bad pictures, I only have so many hands!).
The abhorrent Blade of Laer is quite large, easily overtaking Gorechild.
There was a lot of excitement over Fulgrim’s base when he was first revealed, and is only now that I see it in person and see how it fits together that I understand why.
Well there you have it, a look at the latest Primarch out of Forge World.  I will be sure to take pictures of him when I assemble him!

- Godwyn Fischig


  1. Very cool! I'm loving these primarch models, and have been lusting after them. I cannot wait to see what they do for Magnus the Red - that will be a must-buy for me!

    Looking forward to seeing more of Fulgrim! Keep up the great work, mate!

    1. Yeah, the first two Primarch models have been wonderful. I have heard that they might start putting other sculptors one some of them, which I am skeptical of how well some of the other people at FW could pull them off. Egan is their best I feel. I too look forward to see Magnus; who knows when he will be made. I think Egan is currently working on Ferrus Manus now...

  2. Just about started tackling this beauty. On mine I have little dents on the hair, perhaps I can fix it with GS but would you reckon it's worth a shot contacting FW over this?

    1. It is hard to say. If you contact them about it, they will certainly replace the piece, so it is probably worth it. Having said that, since it is resin, there is really no guarantee the new cast will be better (or it might fix the first issue, but have a new one). It will probably take a little while to get the replacement too. I feel I would contact them, but start working on what you have, trying to fix any issues (bubbles, trimming off moldlines, etc), and if the new part arrives and is better, use it. If not, you have already begun work on the model. I hope that helps! Regardless good luck!

    2. Then I shall take the shot. Thanks for the wishes!

      The good news is that the hair was fine, it's the body miscast that's troublesome. Oh well, it's resin and stuff happens eh?