Thursday, June 27, 2024

Vastarian: Cultist Painted

Lonely vigil.

At long last I have found the time to paint one of the resin casts of the generic cultist model I converted for our Vastarian setting! It was refreshing to paint a model based off of an older sculpt since it lacked a lot of the superfluous detail seen on some modern sculpts. I decided to paint the model red, so that they would fit nicely beside two models I converted for the Pilgrym event, also using old metal Brian Nelson sculpts!

When painting the red robes of the model I experimented with mixing in blue to deepen the shadows.

To impart a worn effect, I gave the cultist's pendant a light green wash using an old bottle of Citadel Color Orc Flesh wash (one of a handful of paints that survived from when I started the hobby all those years ago).

Each of the leather elements on the model were painted with a series of different browns to give each a unique but uniform look.

I used a series of oils and enamels to add a little weathering to the bottom of the cultist’s robes and their base. I also added a few tiny grass tufts to the base to add a little more life to the model.

Parishioners of the Church of the Red Athenæum

- Adam Wier 

All photographs were taken with a Fujifilm X4T with a 30mm f2.8 macro lens.