Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Dragged into Turbolasers Bonus Episode: Thoughts on Necromunda Ash Wastes and the plastic Horus Heresy

Necromunda is expanding to the Ash Wastes!

In this bonus episode, we chat about the upcoming Necromunda Ash Wastes game and the new edition of the Horus Heresy. We talk about the new Ash Wastes Nomads warband and their insect-riding Dustback Helamites. We also speak sadly about how awful the new Orlock vehicles look, fitting alongside the previous Orlock gang models. We move on to talk about the upcoming Horus Heresy game, and how they used it as an opportunity to redesign the basic Space Marine, this time with MKVI armor.

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- Eric Wier


  1. Ash Wastes feels like a Gorkamorka redo to me. Personally I don't mind the new Orlock vehicles as I think they're going for a ramshackle industrial look, although I foresee many people mixing it up with the Genestealer Cult vehicles too.

    Actually, in the Gorkamorka 'Da Uvver Book' centerfold there was this big photo of all the converted vehicles the studio staff made from a variety of kits before the official miniatures were released. I'm kinda hoping people do that here too.

    1. Yeah, it does on the surface look like a redo. I look forward to seeing what the rules are ultimately like, and how expansive the release is. I would love to see studio models like in Da Uvver Book!

    2. GW don't play about with non-proprietary kits anymore during the playtesting phase (or if they do, they never advertise that fact anymore as it sends out the wrong image).

      Which is a shame really; I miss those old feats of ingenuity! They were really inspiring and, along with my adopted motto from Andy Chambers, were probably what led me to be the sculptress and converter that I am today!

  2. Good episode. I agree with most of the comments and I think the reality is that the best people GW has are not working on Necromunda. There will always be design and production issues that are not up to the usual standard because the best people are working on Space Marines and other top sellers. But I'm glad the Ash wastes is being explored again, though I really wonder what any of these new products adds to what has been done in the past, the rules and models are all worse than previous iterations...but it opens it up to a new generation I suppose.

    Overall I like the beaky marines but I agree about the posing. I would be more likely to buy them if they were the same size as the old marines, the up-scaling really annoys me (as you know) but I will probably get some at some stage because I think they are really cool.