Monday, August 31, 2020

Conversion Corner: True-scale Space Marine two

They underestimated the force behind the hatred.

When I was converting my recent Iron Snake True-scale Space Marine, I came across an old bolter I had started converting out of a Primaris Reiver heavy bolt pistol. The half-finished conversion seemed to be a great starting point for building a second True-scale Iron Snake. The process was quite straight-forward, following the same procedure as before, removing many of the more obvious Primaris elements. Most of the effort for the conversion was in creating the bolter.

My second Iron Snake Space Marine converted from a Primaris Intercessor.

I took extra effort to make sure the marine was well equipped, attaching a range of pouches to his belt and a sidearm on this thigh. 

Ever since the Primaris Heavy bolt pistols were previewed, I thought they would serve as an excellent foundation for a Space Marine bolter. To go about converting the weapon into a bolter, I trimmed off the top of the weapon and replaced it with the rail of a Primaris Reiver bolter. Next, I removed the pistol’s barrel and replaced it with the shaft of a spear taken from a Dark Eldar Raider. With the barrel glued in place, I inset a smaller brass tube to give the barrel a little more detail. I fashioned a stock for the weapon using one of the fins designed to be glued to the back of the plastic Eldar guardians. Finally, I fashioned front and rear iron sights for the bolter using a small Adeptus Mechanicus claw. 

I converted the marine’s bolter using a Primaris Heavy bolt pistol. 

The rail on the top of his bolter was cut from another, larger Primaris bolter.

From left to right: an Arco-flagellant, a Space Marine, and a Genestealer Cultist.

The second True-scale Iron Snake is ready for paint! It has been really fun building these models. The Primaris models make the basic conversion work really simple. This has allowed me the time to spend more effort in creating different weapon variants. I am considering trying to build a small Kill Team of Iron Snake Space Marines. Any suggestions on what weapon I could attempt to convert next would be greatly appreciated!

-Adam Wier


  1. Looks great, very fitting with your aesthetic, but close enough to GW's that you could use it together with unconverted models if needed.

    What is a gun you have not done yet? Or a CCW? Melta gun? Power fist? What makes you roll your eyes and think "that is ridiculous" and how could you bring it closer to reality for the Iron Snakes?

  2. Great work, I really love these. It's almost making me reconsider my vow not to get any Primaris.... I would really lovew to see a heavy bolter that looks like an actual working machine gun, so if you did that next that would be awesome.

  3. Love the straight finger on the right hand! Great sense of detail!