Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 65: Chatting with Weirding Way

“There is no escape—we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”

In this episode of the podcast we talk to Weirding Way, one of the luminaries of the Inq28/Blanchitsu movement of the miniature wargaming hobby! We ask him about how he was introduced to the hobby and discuss how interacting with other hobbyists has changed since the introduction of the internet and social media. We also talk with him about how he found the Inq28 side of the hobby and how it led him to create his iconic Navigator house, exploring an aspect of 40k lore that was always present but never fully defined. We talk at length about how he approaches building models, from conceptualizing, to converting, and finally painting them.

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- Eric Wier


  1. It was super interesting, thanks for the upload!

  2. If I had one absolute favourite 40k project, Weirdingway's House Merz-Itano would be it, and it feels to me like his models continue to be on a completely different level from everybody else's, so this was supremely insightful! Such a nice guy, too! ;)

    Cheers for the excellent interview, Wier Brothers! :)

    Also, does that Bonereaper offer still stand? ;)