Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 30: We started a Blood Bowl League!

Ready to scrimmage enough yards!

We spend this episode talking about a new Blood Bowl League we started with a few friends. We begin by discussing what we hope to get out of the league and a few predictions of how each team will do. After each playing our first game, we reconvene to talk about how the games went and what we learned about the game as a whole.

- Eric Wier


  1. Love Blood Bowl so this was a great show for me! Best time in a league is when everyone are rookies and the stupidest things create turnovers.
    Mind playing goblins as they are one of the most difficult teams to play with being Stunty and all;
    1. Foul every turn
    2. Use inducements as fodder
    3. Only care for the trolls, the rest are expendable
    4. did I mention fouling? With a chainsaw it is even more fun!
    5. Buy bribes, keeps your secret weapons on the pitch

    In conclusion. Do not play to make friends. With goblins sneaky fouling and the dirtiest play imaginable is the only way. Here's the track record of my own team which is my most violent team in my roster;

    1. These are good tips! The goblins need all the help they can get :D

    2. I know, they can be extremely frustrating to play more often than not. In our league and something that's (un)official norm is that Stunty teams can have 12 on the pitch to conpensate (I hardly do this because it is always a balance between type of secret weapons you want to use when) and letting the trolls get block when they skill up as they only have S type of skills on normal rolls. Those things helps. Oh and go for all secret weapons, they are great! Also when possible induce a chainsaw, fanatic and Ripper as they help you with the damage output with no return risk. In one game I played Ripper killed 3 guys.

    3. Thanks for the advice, Can't wait to get some fouling in on the next game!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this one guys, excellent change of pace from the typical DITL. Can't wait to hear more about the league and how the teams fare. I have yet to play a single game on the actual Boxed set that has been waiting patiently, I have however put a couple hundred hours into the PS4 version of the game. A while back I trimmed most of the spikes off of my human team and was in the process of converting all their helmets so you could see their faces in an attempt to bring my team "The Krunchy Boys" to life in a plastic version to match their digital glory.

    My main advice would be get block on almost every player as soon as possible especially those Black Orcs! After that on linemen and blitzers I have a hard time saying no to Mighty Blow it really helps with those SPP's. If you can manage to get a player with Block, Mighty Blow, Jump Up, and Pile on, he will strike fear into the hearts of everyone.