Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Pilgrym: Told in pictures

Secrets and Lies.
The dust has finally settled from the massive undertaking that was the Pilgrym event.  It is difficult to convey how awesome it all was, from playing the game to meeting all of the talented individuals that took part in it.  My brothers and I took a whole host of pictures during the event, and have endeavored to show a selection of them with descriptive captions to help convey the story of the event, and reveal the fate of the elusive Pilgrym!

Games Workshop, Nottingham.

The Pilgrym Collective met in Bugman’s the night before the event to admire one anothers' handiwork.

The tables at Bugman’s were overflowing with fantastic models, most for the upcoming Pilgrym game.

Thistle unboxes a collection of pilgrims sent from the Middle East!

A space is reserved for the epic game to unfold in the morning…

A few pilgrims ready to scale the steps.

Migs’ stairway arrived in Nottingham carefully packed.

Fortunately, the Stairway arrived with virtually no damage!

The board from Denmark arrived safely too!

A custom deck of cards, sealed in wax, to help with turn order.

Lucky VII.

Things are about to begin...

Pontifex Maximus, High Cardinal Philippus “the Ageless” and his Guarde Curze take position on the top of the Stairs. Philippus is one of the few who possessed knowledge of the identity of the fabled Pilgrym.

The Church masses under the Stairs, approaching the lift towards the surface.

Arch Magos Biologis Sverre Arrheniuss and his loyal followers, including the scholarly Haggwers, advance across the ruined gardens. 

House Dessicum, in all of its resplendent glory, ready to harvest the bodies of hapless pilgrims on the Stairs. 

Haenrik Galde floats onward with his followers.

Arch Magos Lilith and her host from Holy Mars amass on Terra to eradicate any heretical signs of the Green Mechanicum.

All manner of pilgrims ascend the Stairs.

The polip-hounds stalk the shadowy depths of Terra.

And the game is underway, each player getting a numbered card to determine when they can act.

Arch Magos Lilith decries Haenrik Galde an abomination in the eyes of the Machine God, and charges in to deliver divine retribution.

The pilgrims continue to advance, while High Cardinal Philippus' Guarde Curze ask people to make way for the Pilgrym!

Violence slowly starts to escalate.

The Church of the Red Athenæum emerge from beneath the Steps with weapons drawn, warning those around that they are here for the Pilgrym.

The death knell of Haenrik Galde reverberated over the Stairs and awoke a swarm of daemon flora. 

The daemons tore across the Steps, intent on coming to the aid of Haenrik Galde and the Green Mechanicvm, while House Dessicum determined that they needed to capture one of the daemons alive.

Inquisitor Inson of the Ordo Scriptorum demands that Lazaros and his cohort calm themselves or he would be forced to take grave action.

Herodd and his boys reach the top of the Stair and demand to know the name of the Pilgrym; High Cardinal Philippus cryptically states, "the young one."

Lorde Castor Marguardt and Adsum Levit Aaronic continue a steady advance up the Steps, keeping a close watch on the floating baby carriage.

Arch Magos Biologis Sverre Arrheniuss and his Thorn Guard gracefully slink up the side of the stairs, ready to intercept Lorde Castor Marguardt and Imettäjä.

Bio-archaeologist Brostten Haggwers and the enigmatic Botanicarum spider-tank follow in the Arch Magos Biologis' wake.

The Laboratorium Sepulcrum rams into the Domitar-Ferrum Battle-Automata, Apostate’s Bane, sending it tumbling over its vaulted roof.

Members of the Ordo Scriptorum are drawn into combat with the polip-hounds.

The scribes are badly beaten down by the shadow creatures from below the Steps.

Panic breaks out as an Astarte in pale blue power armor reveals himself, stating simply: I am Alpharius.

The Alpha Legion takes root on Terra.

In the name of the Holy Ordos, Roland speaks though the vox-owl Bronwen, demanding to know the contents of Imettäjä's baby carriage.

In her dying breath, Imettäjä attempts to unleash the Pilgrym's psykic might, but is thwarted by the null fields projected by the Psykonauts

In an instant, Lazaros and the retrained Pilgrym were teleported into the holds of his Black Ships, leaving the chaos on the Steps behind, and Roland and the Ordo Machinum on his trail.

Alpharius battles Centurion Grigor and Lord Inquisitor Pelagius as the Pilgrym materializes into the holds of the Black Ships.

We hope that you enjoyed seeing all of the pictures, and have at least some sense of the scope and scale of the game, as well as the narrative that flowed through it.  And although the event is over, the Pilgrym saga is far from at its end.  While the Pilgrym is safely in the hold of one of Inquisitor Lazaros' Black Ships, who know how long this will hold true?  Many forces are on the move, and whether their motivations are for good or ill, who's to say?

- Eric Wier 


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    1. Good to see you here! Thanks for reading the post! And I hope to see more of your Mechanicum!

  2. Excellent!
    Thanks for sharing, and in colour too :-)

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post! While black and white is stylish and cool, I do like color images!

  3. While I grew up with comics in black & white and really appreciate that medium it was very releasing to actually see it in colour as you can't do this justice without imo - thanks for sharing and excited to see the eventual continuation of the Pilgrym tale :)

    1. I am glad we could share some images from the event, and I cannot wait to continue with the tale!

  4. Brovo great work by all involved I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

    1. I am happy to share the pictures, it was such a fantastic event, one that needs to be shared!

  5. Replies
    1. It certainly was! I am glad we were able to convey at least a fraction of its greatness in these images.

  6. I;m really enjoying seeing everyone's different photos and write ups of the event. It's so much fun watching these large-scale, intricately planned games take place. This in particular really reminds me of the Yggdrasilium Pilgrimage game.

    1. It really has been great to see everyone's retelling of the event. Each is slightly different, based on what elements stuck out the most to them. The game was so complex, with different narratives that it was impossible to capture it all!

  7. Brilliant mate - what a spectacle. Appreciate the colour shots. The B&W is artsy, but the colour really shows the effort everyone put in.

    1. Glad you like them! I was happy to be able to take so many pictures to commemorate the event!

  8. Thank you for sharing this. Enlightening and highly enjoyable. I'm looking forward to seeing more I future. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for reading though it! I cannot wait to see where the story goes too!

  9. Replies
    1. It was quite an incredible time! It is likely going to be featured in multiple of the new White Dwarf issues, so there will soon be even more pictures!

  10. Lovely to see in colour and a few more set up shots :) Brilliant work all round. Core hobby at its best.

    1. It was certainly an unforgettable experience, one that really pushed us to do our very best. I am glad there are photos to attempt to capture the magic of so many peoples' passion.

  11. Great battle report guys. Thanks for sharing. It was great to meet you all and see those delectable miniatures in person.

    1. Thanks! It was fantastic to finally meet you too! And to see your distinctive style of models first hand. Also, the group would have been lost without your GMing!