Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 6: Talking about Path to Glory with Alexander Winberg

The Great Beast Chargul Doldrekk, Acolyte of Torment

In this episode, we are joined by the talented Alexander Winberg.  We begin the episode by talking about the new Khorne character models for Age of Sigmar, and the new 30th Anniversary Imperial Space Marine model.  Afterwards, we transition into talking with Alex about how he got into the the miniature wargaming hobby.  We talk at length about his involvement in the Path to Glory campaign with Jeff Vader, Nordic, and Krautscientist.  We close out the episode discussing some of the hobby projects that Alex is working on, and talk a little about the progress that we have made with our Pilgrym Project warband.

- Eric Wier


  1. Another fine episode and fun hearing from Alexander as I've followed their progress all the way.

    1. Thanks for listening! It was great getting to talk to Alex at length about his warband and favorite aspects of the hobby.