Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 4: Space Marines and Genestealers, man’s best friend

The Genestealer Cultists are back!

We spend the majority of the episode talking about the models included in the Deathwatch: Overkill boardgame.  We briefly discuss two games of Frostgrave that we played, and how they colored our impression of the ruleset.  Finally, we talk about our growing interest in Wrath of Kings, spurned on by Screwed Up Dice’s A Tale of Wrath.

- Eric Wier


  1. Another great episode, thanks for taking the time!
    This episode you touched upon two of those things I've been pretty close at diving into but steered just about clear. I'm talking about Frostgrave and Deathwatch. For the latter I'm glad you talked through it as you did because it took my rose tinted view away. And not meant as arrogant but while I like the cult miniatures (a lot) I still thought I could do better than that. Go figure :)
    As for Frostgrave it does appeal to me in the way AoS appeals to me but I agree that terrain and scenarios in a campaign setting is vital with these type of rules.

    1. Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment! We are so new to it, and it is great to know that some people are listening to it!

      Yeah, I must admit, while I am excited about Deathwatch, the price point is so high, that I really cannot justify it. The models certainly are not perfect, but I guess none ever are. The prospect of just having more models to use in conversions is great though (just changing a few things, like adding stocks, would go a long way for making them better for me). I am just surprised they are as good as they are; I was afraid they would ruin my fond memories of the Genestealer Cult, but I am glad they did not. I suspect we will probably just try to order some of their models via bits sellers, as we do not need all those marines.

      I think Frostgrave is a little like AoS, certainly in the fashion that you can play it with whatever fantasy models you may already have. I think it is worth experimenting with largely because it is so simple and inexpensive. But it is far from perfect. And at the end of the day, if I was planing to get together with some friends over the course of a few months to play a narrative campaign of some sort, I would much rather play something with a deeper ruleset and universe (ie Necromunda, GorkaMorka, or Mordheim).

  2. Just chirping in to say I liked the pod. Great to hear about wrath of kings and the pros and cons, something I'm sure you will get into later in more detail.

    Have you all seen Infamy Miniatures? Looks like a nice game and the miniatures are beautiful, the ones I have are also really well cast. I'm not a huge fan of steampunk but now and then it really works.

    1. While I knew of Infamy due to the Kickstarter they held, of which Dave Taylor painted a model or two (how I learned of it), I did not look into it very much. I too am not a huge fan of steam punk, and the initial models I saw looked nice enough, they were nothing I really felt I needed. Looking at it now, they have more models, and a bunch of them really do look nice. I particularly like some of the more "normal" looking characters. A bunch have excellent looking revolvers, Colt SAA styled. Might have to try to get one :D

    2. I can recommend them, while some of the more outlandish miniatures have some "fantastical" scales the mundanes are rather realistic. I bought the Flower Girl and on a whim the bag of rejects. I like going through rejected casts and figuring out uses for the bits. The resin is great to work with.

      I will propably end up using the Girl in my lost children malifaux crew. Malifaux is my excuse for buying miniatures I like from different companies.

    3. He he, yeah Malifaux is great for using random models! Malifaux crews are also great for Frostgrave. The master and apprentice work really well as the wizard and apprentice.

  3. Seems like Frostgrave is everywhere. A local guy is trying to get me to play some FG games, and after checking it out online, I'm really mixed about it. I like the simplicity of the rules, and the speed it seems like the games play, not to mention the fact that I can use whatever minis I want, but there are some major drawbacks (for me) that keep me questioning whether the game is worth it.

    I hate the fact the the leader of the warband has to be a wizard, and that the game is so focused on magic. I'd like the option of having a fighter-based group that has the option of including a magic-user, rather than that being a compulsory choice. I'm also not a huge fan of how long-range and line of sight-based the majority of the spells are, as you mentioned. If the game is going to force me to have a wizard leader, I'd at least like the ability to create something like a battle mage that I can take into close combat.

    Lastly, I want all of my group to have the chance at leveling; not just the wizard. That's one of the biggest things that Necromunda and Mordheim got right. The ability to create specialized roles for members of your warband is huge for developing a play style, and frankly, just makes more sense than how FG is currently set up - especially in a campaign setting.

    Having said all of that, do you guys feel like Frostgrave is at least worth playing an actual game, or should I just stick with Necro and Mordheim?

    Nice review of Deathwatch. I have almost zero interest in the game itself, and will probably just be buying the 'Stealers off of ebay. I remember buying the original hybrid blisters off the rack when they first hit the shelves those many years ago, and I still have a few floating around my bits box. I think I'm a little more excited about these new ones than you guys are. I loved the old models, and the new stuff has lost a lot of the super expressive bulging faces that the original models had, but damn are these new plastics going to be easier to work with. I really wish they were in more parts, but compared to working with those old metal models, these will be a dream. The only one I'm not really excited about is the Patriarch. I don't really like models that carry terrain features with them as part of the posing, and I think he could have been a little more threatening if he was in a more forward-lunging position. I have one of the rarer Running Patriarch models from the Rogue Trader 'stealers, and he had such great movement to him, he looked like a proper threat.

    Great episode.

    1. Frostgrave certainly has some drawbacks. Only the wizard leveling up is a major one, and the huge advantage given to damage spells is another. I heard that the next expansion might add a replacement for the apprentice that is more of a fighter, rather than a spellcasters, but do not hold me to that. I think it is worth playing though, particularly if there are people around you who are excited about it. This is because you can get the rules for less than $20. And more importantly, it might encourage others to seriously consider trying to play more intensive, deeper games like Mordheim.

      I am incredibly happy that that genestealer cult is finally back! Ever since starting the hobby they have been a favorite of mine, but I never had any of their models except for a few from Tyranid attack. Having these new plastic ones will make converting an army based around them a heck of a lot easier!