Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dark Eldar: Kabalite Trueborn - Part 3

They cower. We carve.
It has been a long time in coming, but I have finally finished the fourth member of the squad of Dark Eldar Trueborn that I started some months ago. The final member of the squad is very much in line with the other members of the squad, adopting a pretty unassuming pose, with his blaster poised and ready. The model took advantage of the recent reinvisioning of Dark Elf range by using one of the heads from the wonderful plastic Dark Riders. Each of the squad members are based on Dragon Forge Tech-deck bases, perfect for reinforcing the idea that they are seasoned space pirates, accustomed to raiding void-crossing vessels.
Although similar in form to the the other Trueborn, the Dark Rider head adds a bit of flair to the model that makes him stand apart.
In addition to the squad members, I also assembled a venom for them to fly around in. The venom is pretty much standard, except for swapping the wych gunner with a Dark Eldar warrior. The gunner on the Dark Eldar Raider switches in well with the exception of his feet which are angled in such a way that they do not sit flat on the venom’s deck. To remedy this i snipped off the model’s feet and repositioned them accordingly, using greenstuff to fill in the gaps.

The Trueborn assemble, eager to take to the skies in battle!
It would have been easy to just use the wych that came with the kit, but I think the extra effort to switch to a normal warrior was worth it. 
In the future I may end up making a few more Trueborn to bolster the squad and serve as an escort for Duke Traevelliath Sliscus. Now that the Trueborn are battle-ready, I will be focusing my attention on a conversion of Duke Sliscus. I have a lot of exciting stuff planned for him and can’t wait to show him here on the blog!

- Harlon Nayl


  1. Wow, that's some serious conversion work, and it looks excellent if you ask me. The compatibility between the Dark Elf and Dark Eldar ranges is great and really gives people the chance to create some unique conversions, like you have. I'm looking forward to seeing these with a lick of paint!

    Oh, and where's the Archon to accompany your Trueborn?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Converting models for the Dark Eldar is really a pleasure because they can take advantage of the huge range of plastic Dark Eldar and Dark Elf kits (and High Elves!).

      I really do need to start painting again, it has been years…

      As for an Archon, I am currently working hard to finish a conversion of Duke Sliscus, who will also function as an archon depending on the game.

  2. I wrote a bit on the functionality of trueborn on my blog ( It is very hard to make good looking models for them :).